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I wrote this investment FAQ to help teach people about investment. It is for general information only and does not take into account the specific needs and objectives of any particular investor.

I strongly recommend you seek personal advice from an appropriately qualified and licensed independent adviser before attempting any strategy mentioned in this site.

Some sections of the web site (such as index figures, asset test thresholds, tax brackets etc) will go out of date on a regular basis, and I may not necessarily update these figures in a timely manner. I strongly recommend that you seek independent advice before making a decision based on any number or statement contained in this site.

There is no guarantee that strategies mentioned in this site will work for you, and no warranty is given that the information contained in it is complete or even accurate. This sounds like a cliché but it is true: past returns are no guarantee of future success.

I hope you enjoy reading my web site and get a lot out of it, but please bear in mind that the content is largely made up of the personal opinions of the authors, and these views may not necessarily be shared by their employers.

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I accept that this site was not written to provide specific advice applicable to anyone in particular, I don't blame the author's employer for the contents, and I'll check with a qualified licensed adviser before using any strategy mentioned in this site!


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