If you are under the age pension and have been made redundant, you may be able to get Newstart Allowance.

The rules of asset testing were changed a little while ago, people between 55 and the Aged Pension age no longer need to draw on their super and have their super assessed as an asset.

This means you can keep your money in super, meaning potentially under the new rules you may be entitled to Newstart if you weren't before because you flunked the assets test.

Check out my article on the assets test for a bit more information.

Couples where the primary breadwinner was made redundant may be entitled to Newstart Allowance (if you are between 55 and 60 and looking for work), Partner Allowance (for the non-working spouse, with no recent work force experience (Centrelink have a definition for this term)), Mature Age Allowance (if between age 60 and the age pension age, and have received Newstart for 13 weeks, or have received Mature Age Allowance previously), Youth Allowance (for your dependent children) and Family Tax Benefits Part A & B (if you have kids, but don't qualify for Youth Allowance you might get one or both of these instead). Read the Social Security section of this FAQ and check with Centrelink for details.